Real BIG Coin

RBC the Elephant in the room.

As our late friend Berry would always say "Everyone always has a plan until an elephant walks in the room".

-Berry RIP

Name = Real BIG Coin

Ticker = RBC

Total Supply = 1,000,000,000,000

Taxes & Fees = NO

Ownership = Renounced

Contract address = 0x43eaba2E2d2F32f1207A11a18679287Dc7700015

Everyone Loves a Real BIG Coin

RBC is so BIG that we Literally get the white glove treatment. The sheer size of our coin shrinks the competition.

How To Buy

$RBC is on the Pulsechain network ( If you dont have PLS then go to

For Meme Entertainment Only

Look for the RBC Real BIG Coin trading pool on!


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